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Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources: A Toolkit for Human Resources Professionals

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained considerable attention and excitement in recent years. Broadly defined as the effort to program computers to take on human-like cognitive processes, the recent prominence of AI is closely tied to the success of machine learning (ML), an approach to developing AI systems using real-world examples. The use of AI in Human Resources, however, poses operational and legal risks to organizations, especially with recent moves in several countries to regulate its use. There is therefore high interest in AI in HR but also apprehension, and organizations are looking to navigate this increasingly complex landscape.

To help organizations overcome these challenges, the World Economic Forum collaborated with over 50 experts in HR, data science, employment law, and ethics to create a practical toolkit for the responsible use of AI in this field. The toolkit begins with a guide that provides: an overview of AI in HR including a short primer on how AI works; describes key areas of concern including data privacy, bias, and transparency and explainability; and covers the steps to adopting AI-based HR tools including forming an assessment team, evaluating the risk of a tool, implementation, and monitoring. The toolkit then provides two checklists that are linked to each section of the guide. The first checklist is for the evaluation of a specific tool. The second checklist focuses on broader questions of strategic planning and the development of policies and procedures.

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  • Matissa Hollister
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Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources: A Toolkit for Human Resources Professionals
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Publisher:World Economic Forum
Published:December 7, 2021
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