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We break down the buzz around government hot topics.


Formalizing the Use of the Internet of Things

Formalizing the Use of the Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) is powering how governments serve citizens. Sensors deployed in streetlights, traffic signals, and even the pavement itself provide essential data for traffic planning and infrastructure repairs. IoT is also playing a role in response to COVID-19. Sensors can ping mobile devices and,…

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Blockchain: Technology for Joining Security and Visibility

Blockchain, a technology that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network, is being used across government to both speed and secure the transmission of data and goods. At its core, blockchain is a database, but unlike traditional databases, it links all of the data it stores together which means…

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Asset Management Gets Real

Most commonly used to refer to how a financial professional oversees clients’ financial assets, discussion of asset management in 2020 and 2021 has been more focused on physical assets. From ventilators to personal protective equipment to vaccines to even our power supply, the past year has been a test of the private industry’s asset management…

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Looking at Security in a New Light

Security has always been of paramount concern for government agency leaders. The focus has shifted from keeping the “bad guys” out to realizing that no system is safe from being breached. Now the focus is on quick recovery and protection of data. In order to help you protect your agency, GovWhitePapers has assembled a portfolio…

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Getting Smart on Transportation

It is frequently said that technology advancements are moving so fast it is hard to keep up. Those same technology advancements are ensuring we can also move fast. As part of “smart city” initiatives, localities across the country are implementing IoT, sensor, and big data solutions to better understand and manage traffic patterns to improve…

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Acquiring Knowledge on Acquisitions

Government acquisition is a complex process designed to ensure taxpayer money is spent wisely, fairly, and efficiently. The acquisition process in the Federal Government faces a number of key challenges. In order to help you make sense of this extensive process, GovWhitePapers has pulled together a library of whitepapers, eBooks, case studies and more, focusing…

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Charting a Path for Energy Production and Consumption

Energy production and use is a huge focus of government and industry. In response to changing climate patterns experts are looking at new ways to harness and use energy, from introducing “new” power sources like solar and wind to reimagining how traditional sources like electricity and natural gas can be more environmentally friendly. GovWhitePapers has…

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Re-Learning What Education Looks Like: Government White Papers on Education

Education, at all levels, has been upended by the pandemic. From elementary kids learning online to colleges moving the majority of classes to a virtual platform, to professional development having to shift to an online model, how we learn has quickly changed. To help you navigate these rapid changes, GovWhitePapers has assembled an extensive library…

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Rolling with the Acceleration of Healthcare Industry Change

In just ten weeks, healthcare practitioners and patients saw more changes in how care is delivered and managed than they had in the ten years previously. This included wide use of telehealth, remote work for back-office support, and visibility into supply chains. These changes were an evolution in progress due to a number of factors…

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