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We break down the buzz around government hot topics.


Funding Citizen Experience Success in Government

Citizen Experience (CX) continues to be a modernization focus across government, improving how citizens receive service from the government and how they feel about that service. CX efforts spurred by executive orders and mandates have helped raise customer satisfaction in government from a low of 63.4 percent in 2021 to 2023 levels measuring 68.2 percent.…

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Building a Digital Literate Public Workforce

Across government, agencies are focused on becoming more data-driven, using the vast troves of data they hold to make more informed decisions that have an immediate impact on citizens. The growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to accomplish this is accelerating and expanding the need for organization-wide data literacy, the ability to interpret, analyze, and…

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Upskilling the Government Workforce

The way we work is changing. Although technology is not “taking our jobs,” it has fundamentally changed the way we work and the skills we need to be successful. For example, being able to work with data and draw conclusions is now a more valuable and necessary skill than memorizing facts. Ensuring that committed employees…

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Balancing AI Risk and Reward in Government

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its more recent subset, Generative AI, hold great promise for increased efficiency in government. But as Spiderman was told, with great power comes great responsibility. The government is taking steps to balance the promise of AI with the reality that the technology is only as good as the data it is…

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Technologies Powering Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars, drones, bomb-sensing robots – all of these are technology marvels unto themselves. They hold the promise to change how we move ourselves and commerce through cities and how our military conducts operations in theater. However, the technology in these vehicles alone is not enough to power this change. The viability of autonomous vehicles…

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2024 Government AI Trends to Watch

Agencies across the government are establishing enterprise-level teams or offices devoted to developing artificial intelligence (AI) policies and resources while simultaneously utilizing the technology for a variety of projects. The website includes details on more than 700 artificial intelligence use cases among federal agencies, with the Department of Energy and Health and Human Services…

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Accessibility’s Role in the Evolution of Government CX

As more and more government services move online to meet citizen demand, a focus on digital accessibility is becoming even more critical. Commonly referred to as “508 compliance,” named after section 508 in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, government websites must offer equal access to electronic information and data for individuals with disabilities. This can…

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2024 Government Event Outlook

The 2020s have been a tumultuous time for the event industry. The decade started with throwback energy to the roaring twenties with ambitious plans for in-person experiences but quickly ground to a halt with pandemic lockdowns. The quick transition to virtual events for everything from the Oscars to corporate sales meetings showed that the technology…

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Service Centered on the Human

Human-centered design (HCD) puts people at the center of development processes. Doing so requires understanding end users’ needs, behaviors, and experiences and then designing processes to respond to those realities. For too long, government services were designed around the inherent bureaucracy involved in administering them, but with today’s focus on improving customer experience and trust…

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