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The Quantum Internet: How DOD Can Prepare

The future viability of a quantum Internet could shape the strategic environment for U.S. military forces. This environment comprises the critical operational areas in which DoD finds itself during competition, conflict, or combat. These operations are known, sometimes interchangeably, as multi-domain or all-domain operations (MDO/ADO).

As DoD and the U.S. Government invest in developing a quantum Internet or securing their access to it, they will witness a growth in their cyber domain capabilities, which, due to the interwoven nature of multi-domain or all-domain operations (MDO/ADO), will translate to gains in the other war-fighting domains.

  • Author(s):
  • Lubjana Beshaj
  • Samuel Crislip
  • Travis Russell
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The Quantum Internet: How DOD Can Prepare
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Publisher:NCO Journal
Published:April 14, 2022
License:Public Domain

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