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Social Media Weaponization: The Biohazard of Russian Disinformation Campaigns

  • Author(s):
  • Sarah Jacobs Gamberini

In a renewed era of Great Power competition, the United States is faced with adversaries engaging across multiple domains without the traditional distinctions of war and peace. America’s competitors are regularly operating below the threshold that would warrant a military response, including on the information battlefield. The blurred red lines that result from covert information operations waged by foreign actors on the Internet will force a change in how the United States operates and how its society consumes information. Russia used tactics of influence and coercion long before social media allowed for nearly ubiquitous access to its targets and a prolific capability for controlling a narrative and manipulating the hearts and minds of a population on a range of sensitive societal issues, including public health.

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Publisher:Joint Force Quarterly
Published:November 19, 2020
Copyright:Public Domain

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