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Quantum Computing Governance Principles

Quantum computing may be at an early stage of development, but it is witnessing massive public investments and huge growth in venture capital financing. The technology has the potential to transform industries and solve society’s most pressing problems. However, the ethical, societal and legal impact and risks of quantum computing are just starting to be discussed, and no global “guidelines” yet exist.

This report lays out the first set of principles for the responsible design and adoption of quantum computing technologies to drive positive outcomes for society; it also outlines the key actions to be taken by stakeholders to incentivize the development of the technology while mitigating the possible risks.

  • Author(s):
  • Rebecca Coates
  • Reena Dayal
  • Tommaso Gagliardoni
  • Eliška Greplová
  • Travis Humble
  • Rebecca Krauthamer
  • Marcos Allende Lopez
  • Nikhil Malhotra
  • Matthias Mergenthaler
  • Mehmet Cengiz Onbaşlı
  • Manolo Per
  • Elija Perrier
  • Biliana Rajević
  • Arunima Sarkar
  • Sara R. Villalgordo
  • Mira Wolf-Bauwens
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Quantum Computing Governance Principles
  • White Paper
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Publisher:World Economic Forum
Published:January 19, 2022
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