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Re-Learning What Education Looks Like: Government White Papers on Education

by Kerry Rea on November 16, 2020

Education, at all levels, has been upended by the pandemic. From elementary kids learning online to colleges moving the majority of classes to a virtual platform, to professional development having to shift to an online model, how we learn has quickly changed. To help you navigate these rapid changes, GovWhitePapers has assembled an extensive library of government white papers and other materials focused on education for K-12 and above.

Adapting to New Technology in Education

The online medium has made educators re-think how they present information. Techniques that work in the classroom do not always translate online. Gauging comprehension and attention is a huge challenge that educators are struggling to work through to ensure that lessons taught are being received. This reliance on online education has raised concerns beyond just educational techniques and policy. Educators must take a serious look at equal access to reliable Internet connectivity, privacy measures that account for the ever-present camera, and security challenges related to the data being transmitted.

For the positive, the sudden move to online has “forced” educators to embrace technologies they may have been hesitant to try. It has accelerated the development of educational material from museums, non-profits, and even private companies to fill the gap of in-person visits and learning. Once students can start learning together in a classroom, there is no reason to abandon all of these new technology tools. Now is the perfect time to determine how to integrate the virtual learning tools into an in-person environment.

Government White Papers on Education

Below you’ll find a selection of materials aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities facing educators in this evolving landscape:

  • Opportunity Thrives with High-Quality Digital CurriculumIn today’s knowledge-based society, educators are embracing personalized learning as a way to increase opportunities to ensure every student is prepared for college, work, and life. Personalized learning shifts the learning approach from a teacher-driven model, which delivers the same lesson to every student, to a student-centered model, where the content, method, and pace of learning are different for each student based on his or her individual level of readiness.
  • The Best Defense Against Cyberattacks, from a District CTOCybersecurity is as much about district behavior as it is about the damage any bad actor tries to inflict. This paper looks at how one CTO is working to guard against phishing scams, malware, and other forms of cyberattacks. A huge piece of this is ensuring everyone from top administrators to the district’s teachers  make the right decisions when a suspicious e-mail lands in their basket and something doesn’t seem quite right.
  • How Governors Scale High-Quality Youth Apprenticeship — Governors are considering youth apprenticeship to connect more young people to career paths at an earlier age, while at the same time filling businesses’ unmet workforce needs. Youth apprenticeship offers paid, hands-on work experience and related classroom instruction that result in postsecondary or industry-recognized credentials.
  • How Can Educators Provide High-Quality Instruction to English Learners (ELs) in an Online Environment? — Online environments can exacerbate existing inequalities for ELs, and educators should consider how to address these issues as they design online instruction. This includes accounting for minimal access to technology and the Internet, pressures to stop learning and start working, and availability of online materials for low-incidence languages.
  • K12 Insight Helps Caddo Parish Public Schools Create Excellent Customer Experiences — In the face of increased competition, and facing a direct challenge from their new leader, administrators at Caddo Parish Public Schools in Louisiana knew they needed a way to better understand and meet their community’s needs. They partnered with K12 Insight to increase community engagement, establish accountability, and create a culture of exceptional customer service.

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