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National Strategy to Secure 5G

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  • The Office of the President of the United States

The United States and like-minded countries will lead global development, deployment, and management of secure and reliable fifth-generation (5G) communications infrastructure, which includes hardware, software, and services used to provide 5G. The United States will work with our like-minded partners to establish policies and structures to leap ahead of global industry competitors as 5G standards, 5G technology, and applications that ride on 5G technology evolve.

This National Strategy to Secure 5G expands on how the United States Government will secure 5G infrastructure domestically and abroad. 5G infrastructure will be an attractive target for criminals and foreign adversaries due to the large volume of data it transmits and processes as well as the support that 5G will provide to critical infrastructure. Criminals and foreign adversaries will seek to steal information transiting the networks for monetary gain and exploit these systems and devices for intelligence collection and surveillance. Adversaries may also disrupt or maliciously modify the public and private services that rely on communications infrastructure. Given these threats, 5G infrastructure must be secure and reliable to maintain information security and address risks to critical infrastructure, public health and safety, and economic and national security.

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Publisher:The Office of the President of the United States
Published:March 1, 2020
License:Public Domain

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