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Cybersecurity in SATCOM

In March of 2020, what had been a nice-to-have for streaming video and shopping online became essential as millions of people converted to a work-from-home model almost overnight. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted so many benefits of the global network – access to information, collaboration, connections to family and friends. The already high demand for bandwidth soared. However, these increased pathways of communications expanded potential attack vectors for malicious actors to remotely eavesdrop, intercept or modify sensitive data.

To stay ahead of these malicious actors, individuals and organizations must change from the reactive mindset of wondering “if we’ve been hacked” to a preventive mindset, building in layers of protection to combat these harmful attacks. Whether it is a “script kiddie” hacker or nation-state actor, all networks will likely face ongoing and persistent attempts to breach. Looking at the new highly-distributed and decentralized networking paradigm, it’s easy to see the traditional model of a single network firewall gating access to an organization’s data is no longer sufficient.

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Cybersecurity in SATCOM
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Published:October 14, 2020
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