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2080 Defense Force and Beyond

  • Author(s):
  • Sgt. Maj. Rafael J. Colon Hernandez

The future of technology and warfare is uncertain, but it will always remain a staple of advancement and a part of the human condition. As populations grow and available resources diminish, it will take innovation and strength for the U.S. to remain a global power. This article explores both developing and hypothetical technology and anticipates future battle spaces the U.S. should prepare for to remain a global power.

Throughout history, wars have been fought for many reasons. From economic gain to revenge to revolutions. Future warfare will be no different, although there may be pressure to fight for resources such as fresh water, especially because the borders of many of the world’s freshwater supplies as well as other resources will be shared by multiple countries. The following sections focus on three areas I believe will be the most heavily contested 60 years from now: The Arctic Circle, renewable resources, and habitable space.

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Publisher:NCO Journal
Published:March 1, 2021
License:Public Domain

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